Financial Portfolio Management

An investment portfolio can be made up of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchanged traded funds (ETF’s), or other securities in which you have invested your hard-earned money. To grow that portfolio, it’s essential to monitor markets and navigate the constantly evolving financial landscape. However, most investors lack the experience and know-how to manage these investments on their own in order to maximize returns. At Dechtman Wealth Management, we understand the importance of investment and portfolio management. That’s why we offer comprehensive services to ensure you’ve got the best investment strategies on your side.

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What Is Financial Portfolio Management?

Financial portfolio management is the ongoing process of building wealth by implementing and monitoring asset-growing strategies such as investments in stocks, bonds, and other asset classes. A financial advisor selects wealth-building strategies based on your individual risk tolerance and unique financial goals.
No financial portfolio is exactly the same, just as no investor’s goals are exactly the same. Stock portfolio management aims to help you get the highest return on your investments, with your unique lifestyle and goals in mind. At Dechtman Wealth Management, our financial portfolio management services include:
  • Asset allocation
  • Risk assessment
  • Tax-reduction strategies
  • Diversification
  • Retirement planning
  • Support from dedicated advisors
  • And much more
The world of finance and investment is complex and often difficult to fully understand. The investment portfolio managers at Dechtman Wealth Management handle the heavy lifting and implement complicated financial strategies for you.

Why Choose Dechtman Wealth Management?

For more than 35 years, the Dechtman Wealth Management team has been dedicated to helping clients achieve financial freedom with personalized portfolio management and other comprehensive services. But with all the professional portfolio management firms out there, why should you choose Dechtman Wealth Management? The difference is in our approach.

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We offer experience:

In the complex world of investing, some things are only learned through experience. The Dechtman Wealth Management team brings 35+ years of industry know-how to help benefit your investment portfolio.

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We allocate assets:

Depending on where you are in your life, your financial investment goals could be vastly different from someone else’s. We practice asset allocation to ensure an individualized approach to your unique goals.

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We practice smart diversification:

We know it’s essential not to put all your eggs in one basket. We ensure your portfolio is diversified to help you manage risk, lessen uncertainty, and see more reliable outcomes.

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We understand the market:

A vast, ever-changing domestic and global market is difficult to grasp. But with more than 35 years of investment experience, our team understands how to navigate market turns and timing with optimism and realism.

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We keep you involved:

As we’re handling your financial portfolio, we think it’s important that you stay involved every step of the way. And if you’d prefer a more hands-off approach, we’re more than happy to take the reins.

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We believe in transparency:

We want you to gain a firm understanding of how your money is invested, and that’s why we offer transparent costs that give you insight into our investment portfolio services.

At Dechtman Wealth Management, we are committed to treating every client like family by offering insight and support specific to your financial needs. Our team values proactive communication — striving to always keep you informed and involved when you want to be. But above all else, we’re dedicated to doing what’s right for each client to help them achieve their financial goals.

How to Get Started on Your Financial Portfolio

Whether you’re approaching retirement or just starting your investment journey, Dechtman Wealth Management’s stock portfolio managers are ready to assist you in helping to grow your portfolio. Here’s how it works:

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Share your goals:

We start by talking with you to gain an understanding of your financial goals and objectives.

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Portfolio analysis:

We take a look at your existing portfolio and give you our opinion based on our years of experience.

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Create a plan:

After analyzing your portfolio, we offer our recommendations and work with you to develop a plan.

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We go to work:

Our experienced financial advisors implement proven strategies to get you on the path to achieving your financial goals.

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We support you:

Your dedicated financial investment advisor is always available to answer your questions and attend to your needs.

Ready to get started? Dechtman Wealth Management offers free assessments for all potential clients. Simply contact us to schedule a quick 15-minute phone call with one of our advisors to find answers to your questions and to decide if our financial portfolio management services are right for you.

Other Helpful Financial Resources

Dechtman Wealth Management offers you the tools you need to help you put together a thoughtful strategy for your investments. Take a look at some of our helpful resources that can help you feel more confident in your financial journey.

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