Investment management is at the core of what we do. With over 34 years experience in the investment services business in Denver, our talented group of financial professionals have extensive knowledge in wealth management planning asset management in both up and down markets. Having expert knowledge in asset management is important, but we believe temperament, patience, and a disciplined investment process are the keys to your financial success. We take great care ensuring our disciplined investment process remains consistent with your values and goals by guiding you to less emotional and more evidence-based decision making processes. As a result, many clients remain with us through multiple generations because we commit the time to develop a deep understanding of your entire financial picture and how it plays into your long-term strategy.

Our goal for our clients in Denver is that our investment services provide more value than you will ever pay in fees. We provide you with a personalized financial blueprint that will serve as the foundation of your financial plan for many years to come.

There has been a trend in the wealth management industry to over-complicate the investing process and more importantly not always putting the clients need first before their own. This complexity has hurt investors performance and should serve as a lesson to only entrust those who are fiduciaries and have your best interest, first and foremost. Albert Einstein said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” We have a disciplined investment process that has proven itself over the past 30 years. To ensure a successful wealth management planning campaign, our team analyzes all aspects of your current financial situation and desired outcomes prior to building your personalized strategy. From there, we do the proper due diligence to ensure that we are allocating the right investments with the right objectives to achieve your goals. We constantly monitor your investments and adjust them as necessary.

By leveraging our disciplined investment process, you receive complete transparency of information, straight forward fees, and seamless proactive investment services. Located just outside Denver, Dechtman Wealth Management is built on the foundation of a strong family bond that we have with our clients and that level of loyalty translates to how we treat you, our valued client.

We are proud of our outstanding team of dedicated investment professionals, but we are even more proud of helping our clients meet and exceed their goals.