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Denver Portfolio & Investment Management

Many people understand the importance of investing but lack the time or know-how. Dechtman Wealth Management is here to help you build a strong and diversified portfolio, and to advise you through a well-designed, time-tested, and repeatable investment process.

Our friendly and transparent, Colorado based, investment management team can advise those in retirement to those in the middle of their careers.

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Investment Management

Investment management is at the core of what we do. With over 40 years of experience in the investment services business, in Denver, our talented group of financial professionals has extensive knowledge and experience managing investments in both up and down markets. Having decades of experience in asset management is important to creating and sustaining wealth over time, but we believe temperament, patience, and a disciplined investment process are also key to achieving financial success.

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What Makes Us Different

The wealth management industry tends to over-complicate the investment process by failing to disclose how money is invested, consequently hurting investor performance and trust.

At Dechtman Wealth Management:

  • Our process has been tested and proven over 40 years.
  • We make the investment process simpler.
  • Our team analyzes your financial situation before building your custom investment portfolio
  • We make sure you understand and approve your strategy.
  • We’re transparent about where your money is being invested.
  • Once the strategy is in place, we continually monitor and adjust your investments as needed.

The world of finance and investment is complex and often difficult to fully understand. The investment portfolio managers at Dechtman Wealth Management handle the heavy lifting and implement progressive financial strategies for you.

Why Choose Dechtman Wealth Management?

For more than 40 years, the Dechtman Wealth Management team has been dedicated to helping clients achieve financial freedom with personalized investment management and other comprehensive services. But with all the professional investment management firms out there, why should you choose Dechtman Wealth Management? The difference is in our approach.


In the complex world of investing, some things are only learned through experience. The Dechtman Wealth Management team brings 39+ years of industry know-how to help benefit your investment portfolio.


Depending on where you are in your life, your financial investment goals could be vastly different from someone else’s. We practice asset allocation to ensure an individualized approach to your unique goals.


We know it’s essential not to put all your eggs in one basket. We ensure your portfolio is diversified to help you manage risk, lessen uncertainty, and see more reliable outcomes.


A vast, ever-changing domestic and global market is difficult to grasp. But with more than 39 years of investment experience, our team understands how to navigate market turns and timing with optimism and realism.


As we’re handling your financial portfolio, we think it’s important that you stay involved every step of the way. And if you’d prefer a more hands-off approach, we’re more than happy to take the reins.


We want you to gain a firm understanding of how your money is invested, and that’s why we offer transparent costs that give you insight into our investment portfolio services.

At Dechtman Wealth Management, we are committed to treating every client like family by offering insight and support specific to your financial needs. Our team values proactive communication — striving to always keep you informed and involved when you want to be. But above all else, we’re dedicated to doing what’s right for each client to help them achieve their financial goals.

What people are saying about Dechtman Wealth Management

Spencer MillerSpencer Miller
15:38 19 Jun 24
Jordan, Sam, and Adam have been amazing to work with over the last few years. They keep a close eye on the markets, they come to the table with experience and perspective, they are always available even when I know they manage much larger portfolios than my own, they are friendly and kind, they proactively send newsletters that provide insights on markets and world events, they have free shred days and pies at Thanksgiving, and so much more. I called them today for some advice, they took the time to listen to my perspective and will take a look at what my investments look like as a result. I definitely recommend working with this team and I look forward to continuing growing my portfolio with them. Thanks!
Debbie KnappDebbie Knapp
03:31 24 May 24
We have been with Dechtman Wealth Management for almost 20 years. Jordan has been a trusted advisor for us, with extremely satisfactory results, and his staffers (as well as the next generation!) have given us prompt and professional service with every interaction. They are proactive, responsive to changing economic conditions, and very good at communicating to all of their clients with regular market updates. We are so glad to have found them all those years ago, based on a recommendation from another professional; best advice we ever got!
Maricor PriceMaricor Price
19:42 02 May 24
My husband and I enjoy working with Sam, Christie, and the rest of the team. I highly recommend Dechtman Wealth Management. Very trustworthy, knowledgeable, and kind group of people.A++++
Leslie PrinceLeslie Prince
17:15 17 Apr 24
I had a great experience with Dechtman Wealth, and recommend them to my family and friends.
Richard MeekRichard Meek
20:38 05 Apr 24
I have been a client of Dechtman for over 10 years. I have been impressed with him and his team. They have given me advice and good instructions whenever I have asked for guidance. I would recommend this company to anyone.
Joe McMillanJoe McMillan
23:32 09 Mar 24
My wife and I have been using the services of Jordan Dechtman Wealth Management for nearly 30 years. We have met with Jordan at least once a year for a complete review of our finances, and often he has provided suggestions as to how to improve our investments. Jordan and his staff are always cordial and promptly handle our withdrawal requests and other matters that arise. We highly recommend Jordan for all of your wealth management and tax needs.Joe and Nickie McMillan.
Anna BuckAnna Buck
18:37 08 Mar 24
Jordan and his staff demonstrate the highest integrity and trustworthiness. They reach out and keep communication going throughout the year and have even called us to recommend changes when appropriate. Excellent team. Excellent staff service.
Porter BarrowsPorter Barrows
23:19 07 Mar 24
We, Jan and Porter Barrows, have been enthusiastic and highly satisfied customers of Dechtman Wealth Management for twenty-nine years. Jordan Dechtman, his sons Sam and Adam, and the entire Dechtman staff are exceptional professionals with a strong emphasis on customer service.Jordan Dechtman is an active listener. Over the years, we have met with him many times. We have shared our financial goals, and Jordan has developed a financial plan to meet these goals. Through the ups and downs of the Stock Market, Jordan has carefully bought and sold products that have served us very well!In recent years, we have been systematically contributing to our accounts each month. Jordan's kind and professional advice throughout these years is to "stay the course." This has proven to be outstanding advice for the long term. Our portfolio has increased many times over to our amazement and appreciation.
Christine AgostaChristine Agosta
01:23 27 Feb 24
The Dechtman family has been my advisor for almost 10 years now. They have helped me make the best financial choices to improve my financial portfolio. I highly recommend them!
Terese UptonTerese Upton
22:26 26 Feb 24
We have been a client of Dechtman Wealth Management for a few years now. We have always been impressed with how responsive Jordan and his team are. We routinely meet with them to review our portfolio and have been very pleased with the results. Having recently retired they were great in helping me with my 401k rollover and pension. We are very confident that are savings is being managed with our best interests at heart. We also appreciate the seminars that they host to keep us informed of what is going on in the market/economy.
Susan MichalsSusan Michals
17:38 06 Feb 24
Our paths crossed with Jordan and Dechtman Wealth Management more than 20 years ago when we attended a financial planning seminar. We were impressed with his knowledge and personal approach and couldn’t be happier with our decision to work with him. He and his staff are always available to answer any questions or concerns and we personally meet at least once per year to review our accounts. We highly recommended Jordan and Dechman Wealth Management.
Jim CoffmanJim Coffman
18:46 12 Jan 24
Dechtman Wealth Management has managed our retirement funds for nearly 10 years. We've always felt that our investments were in safe hands. The investment managers do a good job of explaining how investments are made and take into account our "risk tolerance". On several occasions they have shown us how our investments are performing and what is our most likely financial future.They have also given us good advice in other areas of financial management such as determining the best approach to starting Social Security withdrawels.The office staff is quick and courteous in setting up appointments and managing paperwork.It has been a pleasure to work with Dechtman Wealth Management.
22:13 04 Jan 24
Jordan and his team are top notch!! We have been clients since 2017! We are currently working on our Retirement and Jordan, Sam and Adam always answer our questions and concerns with great detail! The team is very knowledgeable and professional. We appreciate Jordan's candor. Last, but not least, we love the Monthly Financial Insight Newsletter and the quarterly Zoom calls.
John WeathersJohn Weathers
19:21 19 Dec 23
Jordan and his team have been exceptionally helpful, forthright, trustworthy and have done well to educate us regarding the financial climate and the many options available to us to secure our financial future.
Jim VanvrankenJim Vanvranken
18:04 15 Nov 23
I can’t speak highly enough about Dechtman Wealth Management. It’s difficult to make a decision when choosing a financial advisor these days. DWM stood out for me in my research as a company with a personal approach combined with real expertise. After years working together I am absolutely confident in our choice. Jordan, Adam, and all of the people we’ve worked with at DWM have not only provided excellent advice and service, they have also treated us as family. I would recommend DWM to anyone searching for quality financial guidance with the personal attention you often don’t get with a larger firm.
Susie PannellSusie Pannell
00:25 10 Nov 23
My husband and I are very happy with our decision to work with Dechtman Wealth Management. They are high above the norm, in our view, when it comes to communication, knowledge and professionalism. They work hard to bring important information to their clients in a manner that is understandable at any level. We highly recommend Dechtman Wealth Management.
W TalbotW Talbot
02:12 29 Oct 23
I have been with Dechtman Wealth Management for well over a decade and I have complete faith and trust in Mr. Dechtman and his company. Mr. Dechtman always 'tells it like it is'. He is honest and forthcoming and doesn't 'sugar-coat' anything - while being very considerate and respectful of my concerns and goals. He always has only given me advice and never has tried to force me to make a decision 'on the spot', but once I have made a decision he always makes sure I am comfortable with my decision and I know what the pros and cons are. Once we are both satisfied with my decision - he is always prompt, efficient, and professional in putting my decision into action. When it comes to reacting to changing conditions - whether it be in the markets, politics, pandemic, gobal economy, global strife, or anything else he is always looking at the big picture and long term impacts - in a very level headed and self disiplined manner. He is very conscientious about keeping his clients informed about currrent conditions and potential future conditions that might impact his clients' long term financial goals. On the business side of things, his staff is very friendly, professional, and helpful. My calls/emails - although very infrequent - are always addressed promptly. The 'customer service' is always outstanding. I am the type of person who would rather change insurance companies than to change my doctor - I found a great doctor 30 + years ago and I have changed insurance companies at least 3 times and still have the same doctor. I feel the same way about having my financial affairs with Dechtman Wealth Management.
Greg HolmesGreg Holmes
17:35 26 Oct 23
Can't imagine working with any other investment advisor. Jordan has done a fine job of making our money work for us through the many challenges the market has faced through the last several years. I would strongly recommend Dechtman Wealth to anyone looking for financial investment help.

The above are unsolicited reviews from current and previous customers. We do not compensate for our reviews. Reviews may not be representative of the experience of other customers. Reviews are not a guarantee of future performance or success.

How to Get Started on Your Investment Portfolio

Whether you’re approaching retirement or are in your peak earning years, Dechtman Wealth Management’s stock portfolio managers are ready to assist you in helping to grow your portfolio. Here’s how it works:

1. Share Your Goals

We want to understand your financial situation, goals, and the areas where you need help

2. Portfolio Analysis

We thoroughly analyze your finances and provide our professional insights based on our knowledge and experience

3. Create a Plan

You receive a personalized plan and strategy to help you meet your planning objectives

4. Think About It

Take some time to see if we’re a good fit

5. We Go To Work

Our experienced financial advisors implement your customized plan and provide ongoing monitoring to ensure you’re on track to reach your goals

Create a Plan for Achieving Your Financial Goals

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Other Helpful Financial Resources

Dechtman Wealth Management offers you the tools you need to help you put together a thoughtful strategy for your investments. Take a look at some of our helpful resources that can help you feel more confident in your financial journey.

We Are Here to Help

By leveraging our disciplined investment process, you receive complete transparency of information, straightforward costs, and proactive investment management services. Located just outside Denver, Colorado, Dechtman Wealth Management is built on the foundation of trust that we have with our clients. Since our founding in 1984, we have acted as fiduciaries and always put our clients first.

If you want to start preparing for your retirement or would like a second opinion on your investments, give us a call and we would be happy to visit with you.

At Dechtman Wealth Management, our commitment is to empower clients like you on your unique financial journeys. By offering personalized planning, strategic investments, tax optimization, and comprehensive estate solutions, we help you realize your retirement dreams with confidence.

Want to learn how DWM can help shape your retirement dreams? Reach out to us for a personalized consultation tailored just for you. Schedule a free assessment today.

Important Disclosure Information

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Please Also Remember to advise us if you have not been receiving account statements (at least quarterly) from the account custodian.