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Denver Inheritance Financial Planning

Receiving an inheritance can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. We work with individuals who inherit money and need help making smart decisions with their newfound wealth. Whether you have questions about the intricacies of an inherited IRA, need guidance for inheritance tax planning, or are interested in talking about wealth management for an inheritance, you are not alone. Dechtman Wealth Management is here to help.

3 Generations of people, showing the chain of inheritance

Investing an Inheritance

It can be hard to know how to manage a large inheritance. Many people are not taught about personal finance or investment management.

When they suddenly come into a large amount of money, they may not know the best way to use it. The fear of losing the inherited money can lead to stress and indecision. The pressure to “get it right” and make the most of this potentially once-in-a-lifetime event is a large part of managing inheritance money.

When you are managing inherited wealth, you want an advisor with the experience to guide you.

Inheritance Taxes

The rules and laws that shape life insurance and inheritance tax planning change frequently. Laws like SECURE ACT 2.0 shape inheritance wealth management. There are even different guidelines for an inherited Roth IRA than for other types of retirement accounts.

Understanding the rules that surround inherited retirement plans, and the nuances of managing inheritance tax rules are at the root of our work at Dechtman Wealth Management.

Here’s how our asset management

services can help you!

It’s wise to seek objective, unbiased advice during life-changing moments so you don’t make costly mistakes. The financial advisors at Dechtman Wealth Management are here to help you gain clarity and provide you with effective inheritance management strategies to make sure your money lasts.

  • Explain tax implications and how to take control of those assets
  • Provide solutions on how to minimize taxes
  • Create a comprehensive plan to ensure your money will last
  • Build a customized, tax-smart income strategy
  • Consolidate your investments into a coordinated strategy
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