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Who is Dechtman Wealth Management?

Dechtman Wealth Management is a nationally recognized, fee-based financial advisory firm that has been providing financial services to the Denver community for over 38 years. We provide financial planning and investment management services to individuals and families, while always putting their best interests first. Our core objective is to serve the wealth management needs of each of our clients with the knowledge, trust and integrity that they need and deserve. We also pride ourselves on answering any financial planning questions you may have in regards to your unique financial situation.

What is Our Investment Philosophy?

Our investment philosophy is based on a disciplined, repeatable process that has been refined over 38+ years. We establish clear, appropriate investment goals that are both measurable and attainable. Our portfolios consist of broadly diversified investments with practical expectations for risk and return. We continually strive to lower investment costs through the financial services we offer, because our Denver advisors understand that the lower your costs, the more you take home. We understand that when emotions are high, it is easy to make impulsive decisions. The greatest value we can provide is being a voice of reason when the markets are going through a turbulent period. Our experienced investment team in Denver has successfully managed client’s assets through many different cycles over the past couple of decades so we know how to invest during volatile periods.

Who Do We Work With?

Whether you are a high-net-worth investor or are in the peak earning years of your career, we have worked with clients from a myriad of financial situations over our 38 years of business providing financial services in Denver. If you are a business owner, retiree or pre-retiree, women in transition, or anything in between, we understand your needs and offer services such as estate planning and investment management to increase your wealth.

What is the Cost of Your Services?

Dechtman Wealth Management is a fee-based wealth management firm. Being a fee-based firm means that we have an management cost to manage our clients’ money, and we do not earn commissions. The fee is based on a percentage of the assets we manage and is deducted monthly. On your monthly statement you will you will clearly see the management cost in a straightforward, transparent way. During the initial consultation, the management cost is discussed in detail to ensure that we have established an upfront relationship that is clear and transparent. Our team is always available to answer any financial planning questions you may have.

Can You Help Me Prepare My Taxes?

Our financial advisors can help guide you through many tax reductions strategies to reduce your taxes. We are not licensed CPA’s so we do not prepare and file taxes returns. If you need assistance, we work with closely with CPA professionals we can introduce you to.

Can You Help Me With My Will and Trusts?

Developing a clear and thorough estate plan can protect your assets during your lifetime, and ensure your money goes exactly where you want it to upon your passing. Too often we meet with prospective clients who do not have up to date estate plans that leave themselves and their heirs vulnerable to probate, which is often costly and time consuming. Our Denver financial services team can work in conjunction with your estate planning to make sure your financial life is set up properly.

Can You Help Me With My Medicare Planning?

Absolutely. Healthcare costs continue to increase and as you get older the decisions you make become even more important. Understanding Medicare and making sure you have the right coverage is critical for your financial situation, as well as your health. At Dechtman Wealth Management, we can assist you with this important decision as well as answering any financial planning questions you may have.

Can You Help Me Maximize My Social Security Benefits?

At Dechtman Wealth Management, we have state-of-the-art software to help you navigate the incredibly complex Social Security system and maximize your benefits. Making correct decisions could mean tens of thousands of extra dollars during your retirement. In most cases, you only get one chance to make the right choice because you don’t get a “re-do” if you make the wrong decision.

Please Note: Limitations. The scope of any financial planning and consulting services to be provided depends upon the terms of the engagement, and the specific requests and needs of the client. Dechtman does not serve as an attorney, accountant, or insurance agent. Dechtman does not prepare legal documents or tax returns, nor does it sell insurance products. If the client desires, one of Dechtman’s representatives, in their separate licensed individual capacities, can be engaged to provide insurance sales/services as described on Dechtman’s written disclosure Brochure (a copy of which is linked to this web site) per the terms and conditions of a separate engagement and fee.