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As Fiduciaries, our team of experienced wealth management professionals and Colorado financial advisors knows how to help you get the most out of your investments.


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Comprehensive retirement planning guidance

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Financial Planning

Define goals and implement strategies to achieve them

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Reduce Taxes

Preserve your hard-earned money with industry best practices

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You have over $500K in investable assets

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How do I safely create tax-efficient income?
How can I reduce my taxes in retirement?
Are my investments suitable for retirement?

What people are saying about Dechtman

Jim CoffmanJim Coffman
18:46 12 Jan 24
Dechtman Wealth Management has managed our retirement funds for nearly 10 years. We've always felt that our investments were in safe hands. The investment managers do a good job of explaining how investments are made and take into account our "risk tolerance". On several occasions they have shown us how our investments are performing and what is our most likely financial future.They have also given us good advice in other areas of financial management such as determining the best approach to starting Social Security withdrawels.The office staff is quick and courteous in setting up appointments and managing paperwork.It has been a pleasure to work with Dechtman Wealth Management.
22:13 04 Jan 24
Jordan and his team are top notch!! We have been clients since 2017! We are currently working on our Retirement and Jordan, Sam and Adam always answer our questions and concerns with great detail! The team is very knowledgeable and professional. We appreciate Jordan's candor. Last, but not least, we love the Monthly Financial Insight Newsletter and the quarterly Zoom calls.
John WeathersJohn Weathers
19:21 19 Dec 23
Jordan and his team have been exceptionally helpful, forthright, trustworthy and have done well to educate us regarding the financial climate and the many options available to us to secure our financial future.
Jim VanvrankenJim Vanvranken
18:04 15 Nov 23
I can’t speak highly enough about Dechtman Wealth Management. It’s difficult to make a decision when choosing a financial advisor these days. DWM stood out for me in my research as a company with a personal approach combined with real expertise. After years working together I am absolutely confident in our choice. Jordan, Adam, and all of the people we’ve worked with at DWM have not only provided excellent advice and service, they have also treated us as family. I would recommend DWM to anyone searching for quality financial guidance with the personal attention you often don’t get with a larger firm.
Susie PannellSusie Pannell
00:25 10 Nov 23
My husband and I are very happy with our decision to work with Dechtman Wealth Management. They are high above the norm, in our view, when it comes to communication, knowledge and professionalism. They work hard to bring important information to their clients in a manner that is understandable at any level. We highly recommend Dechtman Wealth Management.
W TalbotW Talbot
02:12 29 Oct 23
I have been with Dechtman Wealth Management for well over a decade and I have complete faith and trust in Mr. Dechtman and his company. Mr. Dechtman always 'tells it like it is'. He is honest and forthcoming and doesn't 'sugar-coat' anything - while being very considerate and respectful of my concerns and goals. He always has only given me advice and never has tried to force me to make a decision 'on the spot', but once I have made a decision he always makes sure I am comfortable with my decision and I know what the pros and cons are. Once we are both satisfied with my decision - he is always prompt, efficient, and professional in putting my decision into action. When it comes to reacting to changing conditions - whether it be in the markets, politics, pandemic, gobal economy, global strife, or anything else he is always looking at the big picture and long term impacts - in a very level headed and self disiplined manner. He is very conscientious about keeping his clients informed about currrent conditions and potential future conditions that might impact his clients' long term financial goals. On the business side of things, his staff is very friendly, professional, and helpful. My calls/emails - although very infrequent - are always addressed promptly. The 'customer service' is always outstanding. I am the type of person who would rather change insurance companies than to change my doctor - I found a great doctor 30 + years ago and I have changed insurance companies at least 3 times and still have the same doctor. I feel the same way about having my financial affairs with Dechtman Wealth Management.
Greg HolmesGreg Holmes
17:35 26 Oct 23
Can't imagine working with any other investment advisor. Jordan has done a fine job of making our money work for us through the many challenges the market has faced through the last several years. I would strongly recommend Dechtman Wealth to anyone looking for financial investment help.


The Dechtman Difference

What you get:

Customized financial strategy
Tax reduction solutions
Straightforward, fiduciary advice

We will never:

Recommend cookie-cutter solutions
Use industry jargon
Charge hidden fees


The Dechtman Team

Being a family-owned fiduciary firm, we hold ourselves to a higher standard when it comes to managing our clients‘ financial futures. That is why we took an oath to only ever operate in our clients’ best interests.

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