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A Message From Jordan Dechtman

I’m often asked the question, “What drove you to become one of Denver’s top financial advisors?” and my answer to everyone is that my personal life experiences have led me down this path. Growing up I watched my father, a successful business owner, make poor financial choices and take bad advice regarding investments.

At the age of 18, my father passed away, leaving my mother widowed with four young children under the age of 18. Being the oldest, I immediately inherited a sense of responsibility and determination to take care of my mother and my siblings. This sense of responsibility led me down my future career path to provide financial planning strategies to all those I can.

Rather than let this difficult and challenging experience push me down, it became my call to action. I attended the University of Arizona to study finance and began my lifelong commitment as a financial advisor in the Denver area to help others plan and prepare for their financial future. And so it is with a kind heart and all the knowledge that I possess that I have been serving those for over three decades to save wisely and retire comfortably with dignity.

Many times, investors let emotions get in the way of making smart financial choices. Our goal is to positively impact our client’s retirement by assisting them in making important financial decisions. We offer assistance with financial planning, retirement income planning, tax reduction planning, Social Security analysis, and estate planning.

At Dechtman Wealth Management, located in Denver, our expert financial advisors will discuss your personal values, goals and needs to assist you in designing and implementing your one-of-a-kind financial plan. We do this through a very thorough and detailed process we call, “The Dechtman Wealth Management System.” This system involves our team analyzing your specific situation and utilizing state-of-the-art investment tools to build a customized strategy in an effort to meet your long-term needs.

Dechtman Wealth Management is an independent, fee-based financial advisory firm serving our clients best interests. Whether you’re already retired or retirement is years away, it’s never too late to get a second opinion for your financial planning needs. Our team is always here to provide you with whatever financial planning strategies you need. Give us a call today, and let’s discuss your financial future.

We Are Here to Help

By leveraging our disciplined investment process, you receive complete transparency of information, straightforward costs, and proactive investment management services. Located just outside Denver, Colorado, Dechtman Wealth Management is built on the foundation of trust that we have with our clients. Since our founding in 1984, we have acted as fiduciaries and always put our clients first.

If you want to start preparing for your retirement or would like a second opinion on your investments, give us a call and we would be happy to visit with you.