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2022 Year End Planning Opportunities

You’ve probably noticed by now that life has recently gotten more expensive. If you’re wondering about the current state and projected forecast of the U.S. economy, the advisors at Dechtman Wealth Management break it all down in this exclusive webinar to help you make informed decisions about your investments. They start by covering inflation — including the factors impacting it, how it’s risen and fallen over the past year, the federal inflation target, and where inflation is expected to go from here. They also detail how the Federal Reserve is combating inflation through interest rates. Sam goes into depth on the economic trends of the past several decades through to today to assess whether or not a recession might be on the horizon and what it might look like. The webinar concludes with a discussion of investment opportunities as well as retirement and tax changes for 2023 — and an invitation to schedule a consultation with the Dechtman team, if you’d like to talk tax-planning strategies or get investment guidance for this difficult economic climate.

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