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The Case For A Retirement Income Plan

When envisioning the retirement you’ve always wanted, what does it look like? What are you doing? Where are you doing it? Who are you doing it with? Retirement Planning isn’t just about the money. It’s also about the things money can’t buy.

In order to know how much money you’ll need to set aside to retire comfortably, you’ll need to have a feel for your hopes, dreams and goals.

Some expenses may increase in retirement, while others may decrease. There are many questions about your retirement that need to be answered to get a handle on what your expenses will be in retirement. When you plan to retire, where you plan to live, and how you plan to spend your time all will have an impact on how much you’ll need to save to fund the retirement you envision.

One of the biggest risks to a comfortable retirement is running out of money too soon. In other words, running out of money before you run out of life.

“Retirement”. The word used to conjure up images of leisure, travel, golf, new hobbies, or spending time with the grandkids. But today, when people think about their retirement, all they do is worry.

If you are projected to have a retirement shortfall, now is the time to address that shortfall while there is still time to make adjustments.

You might need to save more, earn a better rate of return, adjust your retirement plans downward, work longer, delay retirement and a whole host of other options. To discuss your personal retirement plan, call our office at 303-741-9772 or click here to receive a complimentary retirement income analysis.

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