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Seven Principles of Long-Term Investing

Hiding your money under a mattress, as an investment strategy, is probably not a good idea.

You put your money at all sorts of risk: fire, floods, forgetfulness. And besides, under your mattress is one of the first places thieves may go to look for your stash.

Despite the potential issues, a recent AARP survey revealed that millions of Americans aged 55+ simply stash sums of cash at home.

Keeping a small amount of cash at home might be a good idea for emergencies. But in the long run, the idle-cash-under-the-mattress choice represents a role money shouldn’t play in your life. Since money is obviously transactional in nature, it should be producing something for you. After all, you worked for it; it should return the favor.

Our marketplace economy provides ample opportunities for your money—and hiding it under the mattress is certainly not one of them.

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