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5 Key Concepts for Financial Success

While investing can at times seem overwhelming, the academic research can be broken down into what we call the Five Key Concepts to Financial Success. If you examine your own life, you’ll find that it is often the simpler things that consistently work. Successful investing is no different. However, it is easy to have your attention drawn to the wrong issues. These wrong issues—the noise— can derail your journey.

Your financial dreams may require a wealth management approach. This means more than just taking care of your investments. It also means addressing your advanced planning needs, including wealth management, wealth transfer, wealth protection and charitable giving.

Such a wide range of financial needs requires a wide range of financial expertise. Because no one person can be an expert in all these subjects, the best wealth managers work with networks of experts—financial professionals with deep experience and knowledge in specific areas.

If you are currently working with a financial advisor and are unsure whether he or she is using the consultative wealth management approach we’ve discuss in this guide, we recommend that you have another advisor complete a diagnostic of your situation so that you have a second opinion.

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