Avoiding Professional Advice


October 18 2018

Studies show that 90% of people believe that they’re better than the average person at driving or getting along with people. In reality, we all know that many people can’t be better than average. The same thinking applies to people who choose to invest by themselves without professional training.

Having someone there to help you make sound, logical investment decisions can help you overcome your own unreasonable perspectives.

A recent survey found that 74% of Americans agree that they need more retirement preparation but 40% of the respondents said they don’t know how to prepare for their retirement.

So, what should you do?

Get professional advice. People who work with a financial advisor have more confidence in their ability to reach their retirement goals.

Successful long-term investing requires the ability to position and rebalance your portfolio to ride outbear and bull markets. This level of complexity can make working with a Financial Advisor critical to your ability to meet your goals.

Chasing returns and following cookie-cutter approaches on your own is risky. In order to successfully meet your financial goals, it requires training, prudent management, and commitment to your financial plan.