Nissa Maldonado, Director of Client Services

Nissa started working for Dechtman Wealth Management in May of 2012.  She has just completed her fifth year with the firm.  When not hard at work, Nissa spends her spare time hanging out with her teenage daughter Katie and her husband Greg.  Their guilty pleasure is sharing the couch on a Friday night and binge-watching movies together.  Her favorite movies are The Whole Nine Yards, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and anything by Nicholas Sparks.  This reporter has discovered that Nissa is a sucker for sappy love stories.  It’s probably why we get along so well.

Nissa grew up in Thornton and was surrounded by a wide variety of animals.  She learned to ride horses at a very early age, and did halter shows with her horse Mocha.  She had cats, dogs, and even a couple of hamsters.  While most kids who have a deep love for animals often say they want to be a Veterinarian when they grew up, this was not the job for Nissa.  She knew working with animals in pain would be a daily occurrence and she just hated the idea of not being able to make all of them feel better.  She had to find another way to help.

During high school Nissa considered becoming an interior designer, graphic artist or desktop publisher.  While obtaining her certification in desktop publishing and graphic design, she was employed by a local financial custodian and discovered she really enjoyed working in the financial management industry.  She worked and studied hard and obtained her series 6 license in 2009.  Working for Dechtman Wealth Management is very rewarding and Nissa continues to enhance her skillset with ongoing training.

In her personal time, Nissa is a very creative, artistic person with a wide variety of hobbies.  She enjoys reading, writing, knitting and crocheting.  She even won a blue ribbon for needle work at the Adam’s County Fair.  She loves to draw, make jewelry, quilting and has even dabbled in the art of painting glass and ceramics.

Nissa enjoys volunteering for an animal rescue organization and a few years ago participated in a spay/neuter project that took her to Deer Trail, Colorado.  During this trip, she was part of a 12-member team sent to provide spay/neuter services to the residents of Deer Trail where low cost veterinary care is unavailable.  Working for two days, the team performed surgeries for approximately 50 animals and vaccinated many more.  Many people think Nissa is a dog person, but deep down, she is a cat person and teases her family regularly that she will be a “crazy cat lady” in her old age.

Nissa’s Bucket List includes:  Zip lining, vacationing in Norway, Ireland and Scotland with her husband Greg and owning her own business.  She is well on her way to her last item on the list as she and Greg currently own and operate a professional pet boarding service out of her home in Parker, CO.  Nissa is also a certified dog groomer.  She looks forward to building their business and operating it well into retirement.