Brianne Moschel, Director of Client Relations

My name is Brianne Moschel (pronounced Moe-shell) and I have been working at Dechtman Wealth Management for a little over 2 u00bd years. My last name just recently changed from McGovern as I got married on September 23rd in Breckenridge! Our snowy mountain wedding was truly the best day of our lives so far and we are looking forward to a lifetime of happiness together.u00a0

My husband, Ryan and I traveled to the not-so-snowy Kauai Hawaii for our Honeymoon and had a blast. It was both of our first times in the magical land of Hawaii and now I know why so many people make it an annual trip! The highlight of our trip was the helicopter ride. We saw the beautiful Nau2019Pali coast and even landed where they shot one of the scenes from the first Jurassic Park movie! We can’t wait to go back.u00a0

Now a little history on me. . .I grew up in Princeton, New Jersey and moved out to Colorado in 2010. I am a very proud New Jersey native and still visit my family as much as I can, but Colorado is definitely home now. I studied Spanish at Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia right after high school and obtained my Bachelors of Science in Business Management from Colorado State University in 2016. I have been working in the financial services industry since 2010. I am the youngest of 4 and now have 9 nieces and nephews! The picture to the right is of Ryan and I at our wedding with all of our nieces and nephews except one! I love being an Aunt and I canu2019t wait to have children of my own someday.

The other love of my life is a little 15 lb Puggle (half pug/half beagle) named April. I got her when she was only 7 weeks old and now she is 9. She lights up my day with her unconditional love and awesome personality. Dogs are the greatest gift and Iu2019m sure many of you agree!

My husband and I are the typical Colorado residents; we ski, hike, camp, etc. We love the outdoors, but we also love watching tv shows and movies on the couch all day. I also enjoy cooking, traveling as much as possible and going to concerts. I consider myself a wine enthusiast and truly enjoy educating myself on the different types and varietals. My bucket list includes visiting all of the different wine regions across the globe. I love watching football and hockey, especially my teams the New York Giants & the New York Rangers. u00a0

My favorite part about working for Dechtman Wealth Management is having the opportunity to get to know our clients over the phone, in the office, or at events. I look forward to learning more about each of you!