Plan Your Retirement Income in 5 Steps

The day you retire can be a rewarding milestone for working hard your entire life. It can provide the opportunity

Jordan Dechtman / February 22, 2021
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2021 Economic Update & Investment Outlook

2021 Economic Update and Investment Outlook

The Dechtman Wealth Management team provides a 2021 economic update and investment outlook.   During this webinar, the team discusses:

Jordan Dechtman /
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2020 Mid-Year Outlook on the Markets and Economy

 The Dechtman Wealth Management team provides a 2020 mid-year outlook on the markets and the economy. The team discusses

Jordan Dechtman / August 14, 2020
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Financial Insights – May 2020

The Dechtman Wealth Management team provides its financial insights to help you better understand the financial world. In this video (12 minutes),

Jordan Dechtman / May 27, 2020
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Financial Insights – April 2020

Dechtman Wealth Management provides its financial insights. In this video (14 minutes), Jordan and Sam provide an economic overview, discuss

Jordan Dechtman / April 27, 2020
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Market Insights

Dechtman Wealth Management provides its insights into the market and economy. During this volatile time, it’s important to understand the

Dechtman Wealth Management / April 15, 2020
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CARES Act Information

The estimated $2.2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, Economic Security Act stimulus bill, or CARES Act, will provide relief to millions

Jordan Dechtman / April 2, 2020
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How to Handle Your Money During Coronavirus

Strategies for Coronavirus Market Uncertainty

Stock market volatility can cause severe anxiety for investors. But volatility can be successfully managed with the right frame of

Jordan Dechtman / March 16, 2020
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Long Term Investing Strategies

Seven Principles of Long-Term Investing

Hiding your money under a mattress, as an investment strategy, is probably not a good idea. You put your money

Dechtman Wealth Management / January 9, 2020
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