Why Your Net Worth is a Vital Number to Know

Everyone likes to keep score. For most of us, when we keep score, we try to focus on improving it,

JORDAN DECHTMAN / April 2, 2019
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Do you know how to reduce your taxes and donate to charity in a tax-efficient way? Donor-advised funds may be your answer.

Many people, who have achieved or are well on their way to achieving their wealth goals, turn to philanthropy, and

JORDAN DECHTMAN / March 26, 2019
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How Can I Lower My Tax Bill This Year?

The new tax laws brought along a few surprises for some taxpayers in 2018. As a result, you may be

JORDAN DECHTMAN / March 19, 2019
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Is it Time Once Again to Invest in Municipal Bonds?

While they may never be a hot topic of conversation around the water cooler, municipal bonds have been quietly working

JORDAN DECHTMAN / March 12, 2019
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Avoid These 401(k) Plan Mistakes to Improve Your Retirement Savings

Thanks to a nearly ten-year bull market, 401(k) account balances are at record highs, providing future retirees with a more

JORDAN DECHTMAN / March 5, 2019
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Is Paying Off a Low-Interest Mortgage Loan a Good Idea?

For many families, a mortgage constitutes a significant portion of their household debt. As a result, some people choose to

JORDAN DECHTMAN / February 26, 2019
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8 Steps for Planning for a Successful Retirement

It’s never too early to start planning for a successful retirement. In fact, for most Americans, it takes years of

JORDAN DECHTMAN / February 19, 2019
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Social Security Taxes Explained

The need for financial security as we age and become unable to support ourselves through gainful employment is not a

JORDAN DECHTMAN / February 12, 2019
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How to Financially Prepare to Sell Your Business

Selling your business is a big deal. For some, it marks the end of an era—a money move toward retirement

JORDAN DECHTMAN / February 5, 2019
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