Women Investors Challenges Women Investors Face

Women investors face particular challenges in investing and managing their financial lives that you should acknowledge and explore with your family and a trusted financial professional. Determining the right solutions… Read More

Jordan Dechtman / November 13, 2018
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Bull Market The Longest Bull Market in History

Human beings are obsessed with setting records. The fastest. The strongest. The first. The longest. It’s exciting whenever a new record gets set. It makes us feel like we’re witnesses… Read More

Jordan Dechtman / September 4, 2018
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Financial Mistake Remedy How To Recover From a Financial Mistake

History tells of investors leaping from tall buildings during the Great Depression.[1] It was Black Thursday, October 24, 1929.[2] Newspaper columnist Will Rogers wrote: “When Wall Street took that tail… Read More

Jordan Dechtman / August 28, 2018
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