Driving in the snow Tips for Driving in Winter Weather

For many of us throughout the United States, we’re waving good-bye to warm weather. Now, we must prepare for winter travel with cold cars, snowy lanes, and freezing windows. While… Read More

Jordan Dechtman / October 30, 2018
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Important Retirement Ages 59 1/2: Why Is This Age So Important?

You may have just started kindergarten or 1st grade. The television show you’re watching is interrupted by a special news bulletin. The date: November 22, 1963. Walter Cronkite makes the… Read More

Jordan Dechtman / October 23, 2018
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Save money on energy bills this winter Winterizing Your Home

No matter where you live, there are ways to winterize your home and prepare for the colder temperatures that winter brings. For some, those cold and freezing temperatures will be… Read More

Jordan Dechtman / October 9, 2018
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