Taxes in Retirement

Once an individual retires, unfortunately, their income continues to get taxed. In order to ensure there’s enough money budgeted for

Jordan Dechtman / March 27, 2020
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Benefits of a Roth IRA

The Benefits of a Roth IRA

A Roth Independent Retirement Account (Roth IRA) is a tax-advantaged retirement savings account that allows individuals to save aggressively for

Jordan Dechtman / March 17, 2020
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The Road to Retirement

The Road to Retirement

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Jordan Dechtman / February 28, 2020
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529 Plan in Colorado

How to Use a 529 Plan for Tax Savings

Financial planning is often associated specifically with retirement planning and while retirement may represent a huge consideration, there are many

Jordan Dechtman / February 26, 2020
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Tax Saving Strategies

Tax Saving Strategies

As we quickly approach April 15, getting taxes prepared and filed is moving to the top of to-do lists. From

Jordan Dechtman / February 19, 2020
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Heath Care Costs in Retirement

How Medical Expenses and Your Retirement Plan Are Connected

Meeting with a retirement planner or financial management company can be an eye-opening experience, especially when the topic of health

Jordan Dechtman / February 3, 2020
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How to Make the Most of a Retirement Planning Advisor

Planning for retirement is more than just having a 401k or other savings account. There are several factors that financially

JORDAN DECHTMAN / January 26, 2020
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How Much Does a Financial Advisor Cost

How Much Does a Financial Advisor Cost?

At Dechtman Wealth Management, we believe in providing exceptional financial advisory and management services with a cost structure that is

JORDAN DECHTMAN / December 27, 2019
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Choosing a Financial Advisor

5 Important Considerations in Choosing a Financial Advisor

Determine the services that you need. Understand the different compensation models that financial advisors use. Investigate the competencies of your

Jordan Dechtman / December 17, 2019
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