Annual Pie Giveaway


November 21 2018

Thanksgiving is an important time to express our gratitude to those most important to us. As a token of our appreciation, and as a special way of saying “Thank You”, we give our clients a delicious pumpkin pie to share with their loved ones on Thanksgiving.

This tradition is one of our favorite days of the year for many reasons. We enjoy getting the chance to personally wish everyone a “Happy Thanksgiving” when they come to pick up their pies. We also enjoy it when our whole office smells like a pumpkin pie bakery!

This year we got 162 pumpkin pies, which filled up 3 cars! Sam Dechtman mentioned that his car “smelled a little too much like pumpkin pies” by the time he pulled into the office parking lot. Believe it or not, no pumpkin pies were injured during transport!

We hope we made this Thanksgiving just a little bit sweeter. We are so grateful for all of our clients and truly value the relationships we have built. Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season!

Sam, Jordan and Adam Dechtman posing with Pumpkin Pie Mountain.