Financial Planning Videos

Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make the most important decisions about managing wealth in your retirement, in formats that are easy to understand. Browse our library of financial planning videos on topics including retirement investment, asset management, and strategic wealth management.

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Monthly Financial Insights

Healthcare Planning; May 2017

In this month’s episode of Monthly Financial Insights Jordan discusses recent economic and market headlines and shares a few essential tips for healthcare planning.

How to save for retirement; April 2017

In this month’s episode of Monthly Financial Insights Jordan shares recent economic updates and helpful tips on saving for retirement.

Monthly Financial Insights: Essential Tax Tips for IRAs; March 2017

In this month’s episode of Monthly Financial Insights Jordan shares recent economic updates and goes over a few essential tax tips for IRAs

What is a Fiduciary?

Being a fiduciary is about loyalty, honesty and trust. These are standards we hold ourselves to and we always will.

Retirement Videos

Social Security Seminar

Social Security: A New Dawn, A New Day

What you’ll learn in this video could prevent you from getting cheated out of tens-of-thoudands, if not hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in Social Security benefits.

How to maximiaze your retirement readienss

How to Maximize Your
Retirement Readiness

Learn what you can be doing right now to get ready for retirement.

How To Save For Retirement

Financial security in retirement doesn’t just happen. It takes planning and commitment and -yes – it takes money.

Retirement Income

Most Americans haven’t determined their retirement income needs. Work with us to understand the risk and reward of the tax efficient retirement strategy.

Retirement Education

95% of Americans haven’t saved enough during their 40 years of work to pay for their 20 years of retirement. Let us show you the solution

Financial Planning Videos

Healthcare Planning

Healthcare expenses are the #1 cause for personal bankruptcy in America. This video stresses why it’s important to plan now for the high cost of healthcare in retirement.

Economic Reality

It’s time to claim your financial independence. This is how you do it.


A lot of people think trusts are only for the super-wealthy. Not true. Trust can benefit anyone who want to manage how they leave their money to their family.

Elder Care

If you’re providing care to your parents, you’re not alone. But the challenges of taking care of our aging seniors can be expensive and emotional. Where do you start?

Robo Advisors

There are website that take your information, run it through their calculators and generate automated financial advice. Robo Advisors don’t know your family, history, or personality.

Investment Videos

Asset Allocation

To reduce risk, most smart investors diversify their assets.

Investment Policy Statement

Before you build, you need a blueprint. Learn how an Investment Policy Statement can serve as your financial blueprint.

Business Financial Videos

Business Owner

Business owners are a special breed with unique financial needs.

Business Planning

Business continuity planning is as important for your financial future as running the business is today.

The Power of the Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs generate over 65% of new jobs. While they work hard for us, they need an advisor team working for them.