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Finally, an increase to your Social Security benefits

From an increase to the retirement age to an increase in Medicare surcharges, retirees will see quite a few changes to their Social Security benefits and Medicare expenses in 2018. This article highlights some of the major changes retirees should be aware of. Cost-of-Living Adjustment Retirees are finally getting a 2% increase in their Social Security benefits in 2018, which is the largest cost-of-living adjustment in six years. For individuals, the average retirement benefit will… Read More »

The Rising Medicare Scams You Need to Know About

Grace Birnstengel, Next Avenue Associate Editor Open Enrollment time is here, and in addition to navigating the Medicare maze to get the best benefits possible, those eligible for the federal health program for Americans 65+ have another thing to be worried about: Medicare scams. The Federal Trade Commission warns that scammers may pose as “official” Medicare agents over the phone or at the door in an attempt to gather personal information or swindle people into purchasing… Read More »

Developing A Retirement Playbbook

Joel Johnson Ever wonder what it might be like to be a retirement “all-star?” To have a plan in place so that you can live the retirement you’ve always wanted, stress-free and confident about your financial future? It all starts with a playbook of important strategies and tools to get you on the road to financial freedom. Retirement Playbook Tip #1 – Develop a Strategy It sounds pretty basic – you have to have a… Read More »