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Could Your Children Be on the Hook?

Some retirees who don’t have long-term care insurance or adequate savings to cover an extended stay in a care facility might be jeopardizing their children’s future financial well-being. Twenty-nine states have archaic, filial responsibility laws on the books. Although rarely enforced, these laws can hold grown children responsible for impoverished parents’ financial support, and in… Read More »

The Fastest Growing Crime Just Got Worse

President Obama has called identity theft the fastest growing crime in America. Most Americans recognize the dangers of financial information being compromised. Many are not aware of a greater threat: their medical records falling into the wrong hands. According to the latest study by the Medical Identity Theft Alliance, 2.32 million Americans have been victims… Read More »

Long-Term Care Alternatives for Boomers

With their sheer numbers and unique approach to life, baby boomers have forever changed the landscape of the country.  Experts predict they will continue to have a dramatic impact going forward as they face the challenges of increased medical needs and concerns over long-term care. Certainly, changes will be required. The country’s medical workforce is… Read More »

National Family Caregivers Month

The president has proclaimed November Family Caregivers Month to recognize the nearly 44 million Americans who are providing personal assistance for family members with disabilities or health challenges. According to “Caregiving in the U.S.,” a summary from the National Alliance for Caregiving and the AARP Public Policy Institute, more than 34 million of these individuals… Read More »

Money Moves to Make Now

The final months of the year are a good time to evaluate your financial situation and consider moves that could provide future payoffs or savings on your 2015 tax return. Begin by reviewing where your money went this year, determining what spending could be reduced and setting savings goals for 2016.   Next, take a… Read More »