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Ways to Protect Your Estate and Prepare for Your Future

Happy Family Estate Plan

Proper estate planning is critical when working toward a more sound and stable financial life. From your wills to beneficiaries and beyond, estates require thoughtful strategies. Yet many Americans still haven’t protected themselves in the ways they should. In fact, only 40% of adults have a will or living trust.1 If you don’t have updated documentation in place to direct your wishes, the courts may decide what to do with your estate when you pass… Read More »

5 Inherited IRA Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Inheritance


Let’s be honest. Stress doesn’t help us make smart financial decisions. I think it’s fair to say when we are inheriting money it’s often a busy, hectic and stressful time in our lives. Here are a few mistakes you want to avoid if you inherit an IRA or other retirement accounts from a loved one. Don’t let these five mistakes destroy your loved one’s legacy. Some retirement account mistakes can be fixed. On the other… Read More »

Financial Considerations for a Widow to Consider

Losing a spouse is never easy and a difficult topic for many to even imagine. But when you become a widow or widower, moving beyond the grief to address important financial items in your life is essential. Whether you recently lost your loved one or you need to prepare for the road ahead, here are some considerations that will help you keep your financial house in order. 1. Identify changes in your financial lifeYour financial… Read More »

Protect Yourself from These Financial Scams

Financial fraud is, unfortunately, a common practice in America that costs individuals and businesses billions of dollars each year. Research shows that people often underreport financial fraud, which is difficult to investigate and prosecute.1 As a result, staying aware of different scamming techniques is an important way to protect yourself and your family. Here are a couple of common financial scams that are specifically used to target seniors. 1. Funeral and Cemetery Fraud For many… Read More »

Identity Thieves Are Running The Same Scam This Tax Season – With A New Twist

Lauren Lyons Cole * The IRS warns taxpayers every year to beware of a long list of tax scams. * This year, identity thieves are up to the same tricks, but with a new twist. * Scammers file a fake tax return, deposit the fraudulent tax refund into your own bank account — and then call to collect. Tax scammers are a creative bunch. The IRS keeps track of the most common tax-related crimes, and… Read More »