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Following The Herd Can Leave You Lost During Retirement

Forbes Finance Council Six times more people have died coming down Mount Everest than while climbing Mount Everest. The same can happen as you come down the mountain after retirement. How you distribute wealth, or “disinvest,” is even more important than how you invest. The savings decisions you are making today have far more implications… Read More »

Developing A Retirement Playbbook

Joel Johnson Ever wonder what it might be like to be a retirement “all-star?” To have a plan in place so that you can live the retirement you’ve always wanted, stress-free and confident about your financial future? It all starts with a playbook of important strategies and tools to get you on the road to… Read More »

Will Your Pension Be There When You Need It?

Michelle Singletary Clearly, people are concerned about their pensions. Many are well-funded. But others, including multi-employer and state pensions, are having financial trouble. And some federal workers wonder about the government’s pension promises to them. Karen Friedman is the executive vice president and policy director at the Pension Rights Center, and Joellen Leavelle is the… Read More »

Betting on the Bull or the Bear?

When markets swing, how should you adjust your investment strategy? Bull and Bear markets can lead to different behavior with your investments. But to remain level headed, even in unpredictable markets, download our ebook titled Taking a Comprehensive Approach to your Financial Life. The independent financial advisors at Dechtman Wealth offer a complimentary consultation to… Read More »

For Millennials, It’s Never Too Early to Save for Retirement

Zach Wichter You have probably heard it yourself: the impression that millennials are financial freewheelers. The theory goes that today’s 20- or 30-somethings spend with little regard for savings and even less regard for retiring. Retirement planning experts say that this assumption isn’t entirely accurate — though it is perennially true that most young adults… Read More »

Will My Retirement Savings Support Me For 30 Years?

Retirement Savings, Investment, and Planning Strategies | Get personal retirement guidance from the financial advisors at Jordan Dechtman Wealth Management in Denver Colorado

For our clients across Colorado, this is the biggest question they face as they approach retirement. Will your money last, our will you outlast your money? Making decisions about how to save, invest, withdraw, and spend your nest egg has a big impact on your quality of life after you retire. The following article by… Read More »

Growing Your Retirement Funds Faster

Recent market volatility may have left you staring at your 401(k) in dismay. If you’re not seeing the results you want, there are ways to help grow your 401(k) faster. Of course, the most obvious solution would be to contribute more. If you get a raise – raise your contribution amount. Hopefully, you’re already taking… Read More »