Monthly Archives: September 2017

Who Makes The Real Money in Innovation?

Everyone talks about innovation. Many governments, universities, and corporations spend fortunes to innovate – to develop new businesses that can create wealth and jobs. But the real money in new products and emerging industries has been made by billion-dollar entrepreneurs, such as Gates, Jobs, Dell, Page-Brin, and Zuckerberg. They have become among the world’s richest individuals by using innovations. How exactly have they used innovation? Billion-dollar entrepreneurs have mainly focused on innovative business strategies that… Read More »

Is the Stuff You Buy Over 20 Years Worth 40,000 Hours of Time?

I really didn’t feel like writing about money after the events of this past week. It felt hollow. But there has been a big question on my mind for a while about this stuff we call money. Maybe this is as good a time as any for me to see if I can make sense of it by sharing it with you. Think of it as a therapy session for me. You can send me… Read More »