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Global Investors Wary of UK Markets as Brexit Fog Thickens

Jamie McGeever LONDON (Reuters) – Money managers charged with investing trillions of dollars of global savings haven’t abandoned Britain just yet, but the uncertainty created by Brexit has made them extremely wary about investing in UK Plc. Portfolio managers, strategists and investment officers at 13 asset or wealth management firms controlling more than $7 trillion… Read More »

Will My Retirement Savings Support Me For 30 Years?

Retirement Savings, Investment, and Planning Strategies | Get personal retirement guidance from the financial advisors at Jordan Dechtman Wealth Management in Denver Colorado

For our clients across Colorado, this is the biggest question they face as they approach retirement. Will your money last, our will you outlast your money? Making decisions about how to save, invest, withdraw, and spend your nest egg has a big impact on your quality of life after you retire. The following article by… Read More »

How to Start Investing if You Have $1,000 or Less

Jonnelle Marte There are plenty of benefits to having cash in the bank. But after you have paid off most of your debt and your emergency fund is set, investing some of your money can increase the chances that it will grow over time. In a period when interest rates on savings accounts are near zero, taking… Read More »