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Financial Drawbacks of Remarrying Later in Life

Our last article looked at possible financial benefits of remarriage; this week’s looks at potential financial drawbacks. Some risks are obvious. A future divorce can be very detrimental. In nine states with community property rules, most wealth or debt accumulated during the marriage may be divided equally. The remaining states typically follow equitable distribution; a judge divides assets, which may include one spouse’s pension. Here are a few other potential drawbacks:   Pensions and Social Security.… Read More »

Financial Benefits of Remarrying

Remarriage among Americans over the age of 55 is on the rise. For many, the financial impact is positive. An Ohio State University study found married people generate 4 percent more wealth per year than singles, accumulating twice the wealth of singles over time.* One obvious reason is the savings achieved by sharing housing, utilities and food expenses. Another big factor is married couples tend to plan for the long-term more. Here are a few… Read More »