Monthly Archives: May 2016

Growing Your Retirement Funds Faster

Recent market volatility may have left you staring at your 401(k) in dismay. If you’re not seeing the results you want, there are ways to help grow your 401(k) faster. Of course, the most obvious solution would be to contribute more. If you get a raise – raise your contribution amount. Hopefully, you’re already taking advantage of “free money” and contributing the full amount your employer matches, but you can always go above that amount… Read More »

Standing Tall Against Terror

Paris. San Bernardino. Istanbul. Brussels. Lahore. Over the past year, it seems the only thing to interrupt constant U.S. election coverage has been breaking news of violent terror attacks from around the globe. The most recent possible attack being linked to the lost EgyptAir Flight MS804, which disappeared over the Mediterranean on May 19. Terrorists hope to create widespread fear and wreak economic damage, and the cost of lost lives can’t be measured. Fortunately, the… Read More »

Retirement Savings on the Rise

All the recent market volatility seems to have had at least one positive side effect: Americans are saving more for retirement in traditional investment vessels. Fidelity Investments’ first-quarter analysis shows a record 13.6 percent of 401(k) participants raised their savings rate this year. The analysis looked at 13.9 million retirement accounts with assets of $1.2 trillion in employer savings plans. Many employees are electing to save in multiple ways, taking advantage of both 401(k) and… Read More »

Money Mistakes Anyone Might Make

Making money isn’t always the hardest part of building wealth. Sometimes, how you spend and save your money can create greater roadblocks to success. While it’s possible to gamble money away at a casino or lose your nest egg on a bad investment, more often people make smaller, everyday mistakes with their finances that add up over time. These common mistakes include: not having long-range goals; neglecting to budget; failing to track purchases; and using… Read More »

Heir to the Throne: Prince’s Estate in Limbo

On April 21, the world lost yet another high-profile celebrity when 57-year-old iconic musician Prince Rogers Nelson died unexpectedly at his famous Paisley Park complex in suburban Minneapolis. Perhaps even more shocking than his sudden death is the apparent lack of a will. Tyka Nelson, Prince’s full sister, filed documents last Tuesday, April 26, in probate court, petitioning for the appointment of a special administrator over Prince’s estate. Nelson claimed no known existence of a… Read More »