Monthly Archives: January 2016

Staying on Course in a Choppy Sea

Thanks to continued concern over China’s economic challenges, a slowing global economy and the sustained slide in oil prices, Wall Street got off to a rocky start for 2016.  While volatility is always unsettling, it’s important to remember markets move in cycles; pullbacks and corrections are unavoidable.   In fact, risks and returns are linked together; you usually have to take some risk to make money.  Particularly in a low-interest-rate environment, overly safe investments –… Read More »

Financial Resolutions for 2016

After Wall Street’s bumpy ride in 2015, more Americans are expected to make financial resolutions for the upcoming year. In case you haven’t identified yours, here are some to consider. Save more. If you’re still employed, go beyond your employer’s match. Aim to put 10 percent (or more) in your retirement fund. If that is difficult, track expenses to find things to cut and create a strategic budget. Then increase contributions 1 to 2 percent… Read More »