Monthly Archives: October 2015

Money Moves to Make Now

The final months of the year are a good time to evaluate your financial situation and consider moves that could provide future payoffs or savings on your 2015 tax return. Begin by reviewing where your money went this year, determining what spending could be reduced and setting savings goals for 2016.   Next, take a focused look at recent health expenses to see if another insurance plan would better suit your needs. If you’ve met… Read More »

Millions May See Medicare Part B Premiums Increase

For the third time in 40 years, Social Security recipients will not receive a benefit increase for 2016. Recent low gas prices have kept the consumer price index (used to determine cost-of-living adjustments) relatively constant. At first glance, a flat inflation rate would seem to cancel the effects of stagnant benefits. However, there is more to the story for roughly 7 million Americans who may pay 52 to 100 percent more for their Medicare Part… Read More »

Mid-Life Divorce and Retirement

Since 1990, the divorce rate among Americans over the age of 50 has doubled. If fact, one in four divorces now involves a couple in this age group. On top of the emotional impact of a long-term marriage ending, late-life divorces can have a devastating effect on financial well-being in retirement. Coming at a time when there is often more wealth to lose, there is also less time to rebuild assets. If you have friends… Read More »

Creating a Digital Estate Plan

As National Estate Planning Awareness Week (Oct. 19-25) approaches, it’s a good time to ensure your estate plan is current and comprehensive. Although it is often overlooked, including a digital estate plan that addresses financial and social digital assets is becoming increasingly important. To get started, compile a list of important files and photos you have on your phone, desktop, laptop or flash drives; in a cloud; or on backup CDs or DVDs. Sketch out… Read More »